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Education and Training

Master Class: Introduction to Stock Market Investing                Available:        Udemy       |       Skillshare
There are millions, even billions, to be made in the stock market. Learn how to make passive income and potentially increase your wealth by hundreds, thousands, or possibly millions of dollars through stock market investing. Take a passive or automated approach to increasing your money and wealth through one of the oldest, and proven, mediums of wealth building. Through this material, you will learn how the stock market works. And, most importantly, you will learn how to implement tools, techniques, and a mental acumen to make the stock market work for you.

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Master Class: Introduction to the Business Systems Analyst Profession                Available:        Udemy       |       Skillshare
Strengthen your knowledge and skills of the Business Systems Analyst profession with this holistic training course designed to give you all of the information you need to confidently talk about, or execute, tasks, methodologies, or resources associated with being a Business Systems Analyst.  All of the tools, processes, and techniques of a Business Systems Analyst are discussed in detail and at a level of understanding for both individuals new to the profession and for people who are currently in the IT Business Systems Analyst field.  At the conclusion of this course, you will feel enlightened and empowered to take your Business Analyst career to new heights, or to talk your way into a career as a Business Systems Analyst.  Approximately 3 hours and 8 minutes of training material covered within 11 videos.

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Master Class: Systems Development Life Cycle Overview                Available:       Udemy       |       Skillshare
If you work within an Information Technology project management environment, or you aspire to, then this is the course for you!

This master class is a comprehensive look at the various phases of an Information Technology development project or campaign, also known as the systems development life cycle (SDLC).  The systems development life cycle will be fully defined and identified, and each phase of the life cycle will be discussed.  We will talk about the various activities that occur within each life cycle phase, the outputs of the various phases, and we will touch upon some of the tools, or resources, that will be leveraged during the particular SDLC phase.

After taking this master class, you will acquire the knowledge necessary to execute a systems development life cycle project or be able to talk yourself through any interview to acquire a position within an organization that will require you to operate within the systems development life cycle.  Approximately 2 hours and 27 minutes of training material covered within 12 videos.

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Master Class: Requirements Engineering for Cursed Newbs                Available:       Udemy       |       Skillshare
Requirements detail is the foundation for delivering products and services (IT and non-IT) that align with customer expectations.  Solid requirements development and management equates to a higher probability in developing the right solution and achieving project success.  It is an art, science, and unique skill that few people nurture but is in high demand in today's project-driven workplace.

This course will teach you how to develop and manage requirements that have been elicited for customers and needed by developers and testers in today's project management environment.  We will cover the basics of requirements engineering using a capstone exercise to help you fully digest the applicability of the requirements engineering process.

NOTE: The course Master Class: Introduction to the Business Systems Analyst Profession is not required as a prerequisite, but it is definitely encouraged as it will add context and understanding to some of the information discussed in the lecture.  Approximately 2 hours and 34 minutes of training material covered within 3 videos.

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Master Class: Consumer Experience Methodology Implementation                Available:       Udemy       |       Skillshare
Customer (consumer) experiences drive organizational success and help to maintain a business presence within a 21st century culture dominated by customers whose influential, and ubiquitous, feedback can elevate or dissipate a business.  Negative consumer sentiment can damage the brand's perception and cause business revenue to spiral downwards.

This course is designed to teach individuals how to strategically transform an enterprise to one that effectively delivers the consumer experience the organization's target consumers expect from the business and its various products or services.  This course teaches a strategic Consumer Experience (CX) Framework designed to help business owners and operational thought leaders within the enterprise develop and execute a repeatable Consumer Experience methodology that efficiently and effectively aligns the organization with target customer expectations.

This course is designed for small-to-large business owners, business executives, CX business consultants, and people that have an interest in understanding Consumer Experience implementation techniques.  Approximately 4 hours and 21 minutes of training material covered within 9 videos.

NOTE: This course is targeted at CX practitioners and does not discuss Customer Service, a sub-component of CX, at a micro level.

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     My Dream Deferred book cover

My Dream Deferred: Memoirs of a Young Black Professional

My Dream Deferred is the actual life recollections of A.J. Smith's journey through the corporate world. As a young black professional armed with academic credentials and vocational training to succeed in the workforce, A.J. tries to advance through the ranks and achieve his childhood dream of being a corporate executive. But, A.J. will soon realize that not all dreams are attainable, and that the world is more ruthless, unforgiving, and malicious than he could have imagined.

His life accounts cover his college years as a student and part-time employee in the mid-1990s and continues through 2017 - more than 20 years into his full-time professional career. From preconceived notions to overt racism, A.J. Smith has experienced it all. This is his story. This is his journey. This is his dream... deferred.

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      book cover for real estate money mindset

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The Real Estate Money Mindset

The progressive, tactical, and agile philosophies of the greatest real estate moguls are uncovered and fused together to create a 21st century set of business rules and mentality for real estate success and prosperity to its disciplined followers. Whether it requires the aggressive approach of Donald Trump, the intuition of Gerald Hines, the shrewdness of Mohamed Ali Alabbar, or the ambition of Li Ka Shing, the engagement in real estate transactions requires a disciplined mind to ensure the acquisition of a profitable investment. These principles will captive any reader who is a real estate aficionado or anyone who plans to engage in the sale or purchase of commercial or residential property.

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      book cover for successful for sale by owner

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Successful For Sale By Owner (2020 Edition)

Dump your agent. Sell your house, quickly. And, keep thousands of dollars in your pocket by not paying a real estate agent a commission to do something as easy as selling your own property. In this revolutionary age of technology, consumers have become the ultimate do-it-yourselfers. With the detailed information and valuable techniques in this book, and the millions of homebuyers searching for the perfect property to purchase, selling your home is as easy as selling merchandise on EBay, or goods at a garage sale or open market.

As a former Realtor®, I am dedicated to passing the tricks of the real estate trade to the sellers to help increase your earnings. Learn why paying a real estate agent to list your house is throwing tens of thousands of dollars out of the door. Learn how real estate agents rip you off and make hefty commissions doing something you could have done yourself. Learn the true motivation behind the real estate agent's actions. And, learn how you can do what they do and get better results – without stressing yourself out and draining your real estate profits.

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    book cover for hank glitch gets a smartphone

Buy from A.J. Smith 365: $1.99

Hank Glitch Gets a Smartphone

Hank Glitch is a young, goal-oriented professional whose intellect, creativity and efficiency have helped him to rise in the ranks at his organization. Being young and trendy, Hank loves to indulge in activities that increase his socioeconomic status within his community. Enticed by its sleek design, multi-tasking, and millions of worshipers, Hank Glitch goes out on a limb and puts his hard-earned dollars, faith, and entire life in the hands of his smartphone.

And, that's when Hank's entire life comes crashing down like an Internet virus. Witness Hank Glitch's fall from corporate demigod to office peon as Hank falls into the trappings of his newly found, and best, friend - the smartphone.

Will Hank recover? Will Hank reclaim his life and un-shackle himself from digital slavery? Read Hank Glitch Gets a Smartphone to find out...that is, unless you are too busy playing with one of your many apps.

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